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Heavy Duty Manual Laboratory Jack L01Z-50 with 25 kg of Loading

Item No.: L01Z-50
Key Features
- Vertical Load Capacity ups to 25 kg
- 50 mm Vertical Adjustment Range
- 100 x 160 mm Mounting Platform
- Top Plate with 9 of M4 x 0.7 Tapped Holes
- Bottom Plate with 4 of M6 x 1.0 Tapped Holes and 4 of Clearance Slots
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The Heavy Duty Manual Laboratory Jack L01Z-50 is designed with the rigid dual pantograph construction. The mounting platform (100 mm x 160 mm) of Vertical Stage supports up to 25 kg with a smooth, quick and stable vertical adjustment range of 50 mm supported by Precision Lead Screw. Both the top and bottom plates offer the mounting holes including M4 x 0.7, M6 x 1.0 tapped holes and Ø7 mm clearance slots for general mounting requirements.

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Product Description


Range in Z


Max. Loading

Min. Height


Manual Lab Jack

30 mm

80 x 140 mm

20 kg

59 mm


Manual Lab Jack

50 mm

100 x 160 mm

25 kg

68 mm


Manual Lab Jack

70 mm

160 x 220 mm

30 kg

90 mm

Moving Direction Z Axis
Travel Range 50 mm
Drive Mechanism Precision Lead Screw
Platform Size 100 mm x 160 mm
Material, Finish Aluminium Alloy, Black Anodized
Height 68 ~ 118 mm
Flatness 0.30 mm
Max. Load Capacity 25.0 kgf
Weight 2.07 kg