MPositioning Co., Limited


The Applications of Precision Motion Control

MPositioning Co., Limited provides precision motion control products suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. Photonics and Optics, Testing, Measurement and Instrumentation, Material Science and Industrial Automations.

Here are some of our customers’ applications:

1.    General Applications

Manual positioning

Precision motion control

Micro technology

Micro positioning

Photonics and Optics

Motorized positioning

Requires excellent quality and economical prices



2.    Photonics and Optics

Optical alignment and calibration


Optical crystal positioning

Image analysis

Laser wavelength tuning

Fiber alignment



3.    Testing, Measurement and Instrumentation

XY stage system

XYZ stage system

XZ positioning

Multiple positioning solutions

Control of micrometer heads


Optical inspection systems

Laboratory equipments

Control of step motor by motion controller

Motorized positioning



4.    Material Science

Material testing

Surface scanning

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) applications

Metrology and calibration



5.    Industrial Automation

XY, XZ or XYZ systems

Semiconductor development

Sorting and automated handling systems

Laser cutting, marking and engraving

Step and repeat motion control

X-ray solutions